Co-dependency in relationship can be exhausting, often saying yes when you would like to say no.

  • Are you a people pleaser?
  • Suffer with being able to implement boundaries?
  • Have poor esteem?
  • Over care for others without much care for self?
  • Be overly aware of other people’s moods?
  • Struggle communicating your needs.
  • Feel like you can’t cope with being on your own?
  • Do you struggle with guilt?

Being liked by others can be more important than honouring your own needs.

It can lead to being super aware of other people and their moods and body language.

A co-dependent person often feels comfortable or has a good ‘psychological fit’ with a more selfish or narcissistic person.

The co-dependent will struggle with the guilt after setting a boundary or putting themselves first.

This can be a pattern that was set in a person’s early years and the relationships with either or both parents.

My role is to help you explore these parts of yourself and to identify where they began. We can then work together to manage the guilt or anxiety. I can help you challenge the automatic behaviours and encourage a more independent, stronger sense of self.

The first step... understanding your issues is to reach out for help
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