Depression can leave people feeling as if there is no hope…

Depression is the opposite to anxiety.  It can develop for good reasons, loneliness or such as the loss of someone close or the loss of a job or home. It can leave people feeling as if there is no hope. Some depression has been with a person for a long time and can feel as though it belongs to them, it is them. Regular talking in a safe space can lighten the feelings of despair and exploring difficulties can aid understanding. Integrative counselling offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a method of identifying our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. In doing so change can happen.

Johann Hari, a British-Swiss writer says of depression;

“What if depression is, in fact, a form of grief—for our own lives not being as they should? What if it is a form of grief for the connections we have lost, yet still need?”

His excellent book ‘Lost Connections’ suggests it is our human need for connection and community which can cause depression. 

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