“Sarah is soo lovely, kind, and brimming with empathy and validation. I had a bad experience with a counsellor many years ago and was reluctant to try again, but try I did and I found an actual angel in Sarah! Honestly one of the loveliest people to walk the earth, I’m sure ❤️ I will be eternally grateful for her listening to me and helping me soo much. I look forward to our sessions and I trust her soo much, something I have truly struggled with all my life. Sarah makes it so easy to trust and love. Thank you Sarah, a true angel on earth x.” L Baker

“Sarah really works well over video & as a guy I felt it easy to engage with her. ( I use the terms ‘guy’ & ‘her’, however, our sessions were very gender-neutral ). We worked towards getting to the neurological basis behind my depression. One of the big strengths of our sessions was that when we had achieved progress & then plateaued, we both knew it was time to assist me in looking for the next type of support. Sarah has been one of the best therapists that I have managed to engage with.” Richard

“I started counselling with Sarah in what can only be the worst time of my life, but with Sarah’s guidance and support, I have become more emotionally stronger. Sarah has given me the tools to do this.” Elaine

“I have had counselling a few times before through other people and never have I had a therapist who I actually get anything back from like I do with Sarah, it’s not all just one-sided from me. Not only has Sarah has helped me with some issues I took to our sessions, but she has also helped me to identify and deal with some issues I wasn’t even aware of and that is the areas it’s helped me best to take into my day-to-day life. I truly appreciate how patient, understanding and non-judgmental she is and have got so much out of our sessions.” Fran

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