“Do not let your fears choose your destiny… the other side of every fear is freedom.”

I was drawn to counselling after attending a Pattern Change course from Outreach, in Exeter. This clarified the dynamics of abusive relationships.

I have continued my learning on this subject and feel I can offer a lot of support and non- judgement around unhealthy relationships and why it is so hard to leave them (trauma bonding) and parental alienation (when one parent alienates the other parent to the child).

I have also helped clients with a variety of other issues from anxiety and depression to managing big life changes and bereavement.

Sarah Finch

“What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

I grew up in Exeter and have remained living in Devon. I have recently run my own cleaning business after many years of working with my ex-partner in a boat business. I have one adult son. I love nature and animals and walking my two dogs on Dartmoor where I live.

I have always been interested in ways to keep well, having an early interest in diet and how it can affect our well-being and mood. I have used Chinese Medicine and more recently, Tai Chi and Mindfulness.

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