Being in a narcissistic relationship can be very confusing. They can be inconsistent, sometimes charming, other times moody, violent or dismissive.

Do you:

  • Feel as if you walk on eggshells when around your partner?
  • Have a sense of mistrust?
  • Have lost your self worth?
  • Feel lonely or isolated?
  • Have trouble making decisions?
  • Feel as though you have done something wrong?
  • Experience anxiety in relationship?
  • Fear your partner’s mood?
  • Find it impossible to set boundaries?

Narcissists can punish their partners with the silent treatment – even for days at a time. The covert narcissist is one where they can be lovely to all outside the home but punitive and cruel behind closed doors.

The vulnerable narcissist can use their own vulnerability and emotions to pull their partners back to them. Pity me, don’t leave me. 

The narcissist co-dependent relationship can be very intense at the beginning, and you may have thought you have found your ‘soul mate’. 

The narcissist uses a tactic called ‘Love bombing’ to mirror your ideal partner.

As the relationship becomes more committed the dynamic will change to an unhealthier balance of the co-dependent needing to prioritise the needs of the partner in order to keep safe, or in order to keep the peace.

My role would be to be alongside you and highlight unreasonable behaviours being in unhealthy relationships can mean toxic behaviours look and start to feel like normal. The longer we stay in them the smaller we feel. The less we matter.

The first step... understanding your issues is to reach out for help
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